Jannie's Story for IDK Foundation
The IDK story actually begins with my own story, which involves me growing up in
a poor community with no knowledge of basic information of eating healthy and
being fit. As I grew older, I became more physically active in school sports and I
begin to educate myself on information that “I DIDN'T KNOW” about being

 As a young African American woman, I realized that we are sometimes a product
of our environment, and that can influence if we live healthy or not. The question
that began to think about is how can my family and community teach me how to
be healthy if they don’t know? This is how I came up with name for my
foundation. The IDK Foundation shares information about health and fitness with
the community that they DON'T KNOW!

The IDK Foundation’s mission is to address the prevention of obesity and chronic
disease by teaching inner city youth and parents about living and maintaining a
healthier lifestyle. This is done by engaging the community in fun and exercise,
teaching nutrition, improving self-esteem and reinforcing positive thinking.

from low income background. The goal of the foundation is to turn no one away
due to a lack of resources. 

IDK partners with other organizations to create
custom fitness programs for the IDK youth and families. All programs at
The IDK Foundation are free. Attendees can register for programs, upcoming
summer camps and events at our website www.ididntknow.info